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Default Did you guys ever notice that things humans build are designed just like humans?

take a car for example. cars have individual components that are part of a larger system to work as it was designed, engine, alternator, battery, starter ect. Same with humans, we have components such as our heart, liver, lungs, stomach. Then theres the fluid that keeps these components live, for cars theres hundreds of feet of lines that carry fluid to the components. In humans there are arterys and veins that carry fluid to these our organs. the exterior body of a car is superfiscial to somewhat protect the inside of the car. same with humans, our skin is superficial and somewhat to protect the inside.
Also there is the main controller (brain). in a car there is an ECU that controls the engine and other programs. in humans there is the brain.

thats my cool story. hope you guys were enlightened.
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