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Default Re: Did you guys ever notice that things humans build are designed just like humans?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Actually a great point OP.

Takign Anatomy and Physiology and thinking through systematic terms have done leaps for the analogy-constructing ability.

but it's not just humans we replicate, bro.. it's animals.

Sonar of a submarine is based off of bats and dolphins right?
The world wide web technically seems spider-ish or cosmic like in the awy its intertwined.
Cranes seem to be giraffey.
Tanks seem to be rhino-ey.

Think of how many phallus or ******l shaped things there are out there.
(no superbad)
Hot dogs, sausages, popsicles, screwdrivers, bullets, missiles, torpedos, swords, etc.
Plugs, drains, .

Damn now I know why girls be pissed off at men all the time

Reminds me of a Carlin Gem
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