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Default Re: quotes that piss u the fukk off

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
"There are those who are so poor all they have is money."
= LOL. All due respect to those, but I have yet to personally meet a wealthy individual who is not also somewhat intelligent, somewhat likeable, cultured and so on and so forth.

WAT? lol You haven't met enough people. how old are you? What do you mean wealthy? I might even agree with that in terms of upper middle class people, but in terms of rich people that's dead wrong. Cultured? lol. Buying expensive shit doesn't make you cultured. Culture is gained through experience, really. If your only experience is being rich then you're not cultured. You're pretentious.

Not to mention those people that are born into a lot of money and are entitled or those who made a lot of money and think they somehow worked harder than everyone else.

U WRONG BRO. Why are a lot of rich people terrible tippers? They are asswipes. Might even go as far as to say that it's hard to get rich without ****ing other people over.

Also, lol @ why would you want a bird in your hand. It's a joke, I know.

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