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Originally Posted by Money 23
My jesus. I started season 1, and I can't put it down. This is BY FAR the best tv series I've ever watched. The reality. The social commentary, the comedy, the acting. Top notch. I never thought I'd see something that would replace Sopranos as my favorite, but if season 1 is just a glimpse, this is going to be the GOAT for me when it comes to tv series. Wow, just wow. The hype is real.

just as a heads up season 2 is really slow and a lot of people don't like it. i wasn't too fond the first time i saw it but when i re watched it, it became my favorite season. im on the sopranos now almost done the 3rd season just saw the pine barrens episode(which i've been to plenty of times). it's becoming my second favorite hbo series and i want to bang Meadow Sorprano.
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