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Default Re: Obama Administration's dangerous memo on drones released

Originally Posted by Godzuki
i have no problem with our government taking out American citizen terrorist targets without a trial so long as the circumstances justify it. i mean how many times have they done that? and its not like we weren't sure the target was Al Qaeda hierarchy when we did :P

people are so paranoid of our government to a fault. its ridiculous the way so many people in our country think, like the government is out to get them individually. i'm constantly surprised when i talk to people who stockpile guns and think its to protect themselves from our government
I am along with you that the general American populace is too paranoid about the government.

But, I disagree that this issue relates to that. This is more so a blatant and outspoken violation of the 5th amendment. I mean, drones by themselves cause lots of controversy, but the fact that the government doesn't even have to prove anything to use them to eliminate a U.S. citizen is extremely dangerous. I can see such a doctrine being misused for non-Al Qaeda members and such. It's just a slippery slope and just so obviously violating the bill of rights. Not that the government hasn't done it before though.
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