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Default Re: Obama Administration's dangerous memo on drones released

Originally Posted by D-Rose
I am along with you that the general American populace is too paranoid about the government.

But, I disagree that this issue relates to that. This is more so a blatant and outspoken violation of the 5th amendment. I mean, drones by themselves cause lots of controversy, but the fact that the government doesn't even have to prove anything to use them to eliminate a U.S. citizen is extremely dangerous. I can see such a doctrine being misused for non-Al Qaeda members and such. It's just a slippery slope and just so obviously violating the bill of rights. Not that the government hasn't done it before though.

You're acting like they haven't used spies and wetworkers to kill people all over the world since we became a country... They're just using joystick controlled robots now.
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