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Default Re: Native American Confronts Protesters on Illegal Immigration

Originally Posted by GreatGreg
Pretty simple. White men settled, natives couldn't defend.
Who's responsible for the technological innovations of today? The cities? The military, which has defended the country countless times? The progress?
Sorry natives, America stopped being "your land" a long, looooong time ago.

Bottom line is this country was founded on immigration and "whites" are the original immigrants. Just because they have run the country for a long time and have more guns doesn't make it okay to treat others this way. A ton of our economy is driven by these immigrants who work their asses off as their lives depend on it.

Not to mention as long as they go through the legal process they should be welcome with open arms. I'm not a fan of them sneaking in, faking their identity etc but if they do it right, who gives a shit?
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