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Default Re: If stats were more important than achievements, who would be GOAT?

Really advanced stats are hard to make with the data there's around for older games.
Michael Jordan is also the goat for stat-geeks, and Wilt is actually not that super duper (on par with Kareem and Shaq)

Guys who get extra credit from the stat community are:
-Chauncey Billups
-David Robinson
-John Stockton
-Horace Grant
-Chris Paul
-Dirk Nowitzki
-Neil Johnston
-Adrian Dantley
-Tyson Chandler
-Sidney Moncrief
-Bobby Jones
-Charles Barkley (76ers)
-Larry Nance
-Terry Porter

I myself love SAPM: here's a top ten Power Forwards all time (with links to other positions at the bottom of the page)

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