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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
F*ck Chandler. If he did that with like 22,26 and 24 rebounds I would be impressed. But he had a round 20,20,20 in all three games,obviously he just wanted to cross 20 and didn't care for grabbing more.
Also in the last 3 games he only had 3 blocks which is a result of not playing defense just to get the rebounds.
Not to mention he was a non factor on offense and missing easy layups and dunks like he's Jared Jeffries.

Sorry but I'm not impressed. Deciding not to play defense just to get rebounds and boost his personal stats is shameful and if Melo did this he would get destroyed by both fans and the media.

Just kidding,huge props to Tyson. Really rebounding like a beast lately.

Baby steps lol You dudes and your hidden messages. "Aint nobody got time for that." lol

Woodson called him out for being an all-star and not playing like one.

It worked...didn't realize coaching could be that simple.

Yea I saw the article. Sometimes it is that simple. Sometimes its more about motivation and less about X's and O's. Glad someone else saw what I saw though. I'm also glad we have a coach that holds players accountable regardless of who they are and what their reputation is. I hope Chandler keeps this up.

How about my man Dalembert though?
35 pts. 12 reb. 2 ast. 1blk 0 turnovers
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