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Default Re: Obama Administration's dangerous memo on drones released

Originally Posted by Godzuki
the CIA has always decided who are threats to our country and who aren't. for obvious reasons we as a people don't get to vote on that. a American citizen who was in Afghanistan and definitively a part of the hierarchy of Al Qaeda while plotting to attack us gets assasinated by our government is one isolated case and not unreasonable given the circumstances.

A couple of points where you are wrong..

CIA doesnt get to decide if Americans get killed by drones..Neither does congress or the white house. Part of being an American is that you receive the right of a trial by jury.. do you understand what that means? That means Americans have the right to a lawyer and to a fair trial.. It is supposed to be a fair process... not a process held in secret by the CIA and the president....

Anwar Al Awlaki (the American is the middle east who was killed by a drone strike) wasnt definitely apart of any terrorist group hierarchy.. He wrote articles against the United States, but not much else... He wasnt even charged with a crime.. They also killed his 16 year old son... can you justify killing his innocent son too?

So if they can just kill this guy without ever charging him with a crime or anything...... That doesnt raise any red flags for you?

You think this is all just business as usual?

there is no conspiracy.

we agree there.. this isnt a conspiracy... they are coming out telling you they plan on screwing over the public..

politicians are elected. there is partisan wrangling which impedes progress. some politicians are dirty, some aren't. just like average people. there is no secret club of illuminati that decides it all. they're not all a part of some ridiculous government conspiracy against the people. again one incident where a known American Al Qaeda gets assassinated in Afghanistan and it turns into paranoia of our government attacking us soon. only on the internet

I don't know who you are arguing with because I never mentioned illuminati or any conspiracy...

this is a secret that the government is trying to make official by casually bringing it out in the open.. Obama has been killing innocent people for years and denying he has a kill program... Now he is just starting to admit that always existed (like everyone knew while he was busy lying about it)...

This isnt a conspiracy... this is right in the people's face.. You elected officials keep trying to implement this policy which clearly violates the constitution, and it also serves no other purpose but to take away due process from american citizens... That is treason..

White House doesnt get to decide who is a terrorist and who is not.... That is not how it works... when it comes to Americans, we are due a trial and a lawyer before guilt or innocence can be determined..
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