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Default Re: Obama Administration's dangerous memo on drones released

Originally Posted by Godzuki
you realize everything you're exaggerating and trying to criticize our government for is to protect you?

First of all, Im not exaggerating... If you can find an exaggeration? point it out

secondly I dont need protection from due process... Like I said already, the government isnt protecting me by taking away American's right to a fair trial..

Thats treason.. plain and simple

its silly to even think him having his son with him is supposed to make us abort a rare opportunistic chance to kill him. this stuff isn't some play nice and politically correct warfare, in fact it never is that way. Read Awlaki's wiki page, even a Saudi news station called him the Bin Laden of the internet.

None of this justifies a law that takes away due process and puts that decision in the hands of the president.

since he was 'Bin Laden of the internet' ? tell me, what crimes did he commit?

none of that justifies this law

You dont get to execute Americans based on what a saudi new station says..

who else is Obama secretly targeting and killing? you mean the hierarchy of Al Qaeda which we've pretty much taken out at this point? its just unbelievable to me how you all criticize our government for taking steps to protect us against people who are plotting to attack us. oh thats right some of you think its all made up by our government and they plant this false idea that there are terrorists trying to attack our country, right? or kidnapping Americans abroad and cutting off their heads is staged, right?

Again godzuki... The government isnt protecting me from terrorists by taking away my right to a fair trial...

Please tell me how you think this law actually helps americans?

the constitution isn't more than a basic set of principles that was far more relevant when it was written than it is today. the way in which some Americans hold on to it like its the Bible or written law to a fault without applying it to today's practicality is part of the problem. i don't know if i blame movies, Republicans, or what for why so many Americans are so paranoid to a fault of our government and it tends to be those that hold on to our constitution to a fault(i emphasize it has its importance but its not the end all be all like some act based on their paranoia). if the government wanted to take anyone out their weapons cache's or underground bunkers aren't going to help them.

you dont get it...

this is about your right to a fair trial... If you dont value that? then I dont have time to waste here..

Only a fool gives away all his freedom in return for protection... And this is protection we dont want or need...

you dont need to violate one of the MAIN (the right to a trial and a lawyer) tenets of the constitution in order to protect the public..

like I said, only a fool would do that..
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