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Default Re: Front runner for MVP right now?

Lebron is the best player in basketball, he's the defending champ, and he's always been popular in the media. To the point that they wanna give it to him all the time, without even watching the games. There aren't other personalities the way there were in Jordan's years...Kobe is a personality, but he's not in the discussion right now.

With all that said, Durant is the most deserving right now. His team also has a better record, in a much tougher conference. They're doing it after getting rid of a legit all-star in Harden, who is playing like an MVP, himself, now in Houston. Rose is out and the Bulls are still doing very well and the thinking is that Rose being on the team would make them even better. Miami is not that far ahead, despite supposedly being so much better. This will all help Durant. If things stay like this, I think he'll win.
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