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Default Re: New Shows: Banshee / The Americans

The Americans was pretty good. I feel like they're trying to capitalize on Homeland's success, but I'll definitely be watching Season 1.

It has a solid premise....except one thing bothers me. I don't feel like the 2 lead characters are truly Soviet spies. Know what I mean? It's like, I know they're actors. I mean, it's Felicity for pete's sake.... They don't look Russian, they don't speak Russian (that's explained, of course), and even the flashbacks scenes in Russia...they STILL don't speak Russian. I mean, c'mon....are they so afraid the masses won't take to a few scenes in Russian with subtitles? Then I would feel they truly work for the KGB....

That's the only problem in the pilot. Otherwise, solidly done, and willing to watch more.
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