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Default Re: Front runner for MVP right now?

Originally Posted by Kurosawa0
If anyone other LeBron or Durant gets it we're looking at easily one of the worst choices in history. Seriously, anyone who watches the games can see they're on historic levels.

I agree, despite being a big Melo fan. But others have been at historic levels and not gotten it. Kareem in '73, Jordan/Hakeem in '93, Shaq in '01, Kobe in '06. In fact, I'd say other than possibly Kobe, and without being able to comment on '73 Kareem other than what I've read, the other 3 were better players at those times than either Lebron or Durant. Well, '06 Kobe was better than Durant, and I'd assume '73 Kareem was as well.

I'd pick Durant this year for MVP so far, but I still have Lebron as the best player.
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