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Default Re: Who will be the best QB 5 years from now?

Originally Posted by usa hoops
Take off the college professor hat, people. I'm not turning in an essay for grading. You act as if I'm the first one to ever misspell someone's last name. I also misspelled Kaepernick's last name at first, but no one caught it.

At any rate, don't let a misspelling take away from the point of the question.

Wow, college professor hat

I was letting you know why he quoted you and was laughing, not trying to criticize you, as we all know what you meant (although it was silly to spell Eli as Ely).

I also like to think that Stafford has the potential to improve the next couple years and move into the discussion for top 5 (not really on topic, but I thought I'd mention that here).
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