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Default Re: Atheists - Randomness is just a way to quantify lack of knowledge

Humans trying to wrap their heads around things they dont understand is the reason we have so many thousands of creator myths in the first place. Even the most reasonable ones require its followers to ignore their common sense. On a basic level a magical man in the sky makes no more sense than the world springing from a duck egg.

But people choose to believe both and many more it and there is no proof for or against any of it.

The people raised in a certain place tend to believe what the locals tell them as they grow up and act like people elsewhere are blind to the truth.

Its really pretty arrogant to me to assume that your team has it figured out because you had your particular absurd story pounded into you for 20 years.

Believe what you want and leave others out of it. Why hassle anyone?

I dont care what anyone thinks so long as they keep it to themselves.
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