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Default Re: Atheists - Randomness is just a way to quantify lack of knowledge

Originally Posted by Bladers
You are almost there.
The reason you can't predict it is because you are unaware and unable to calculate the forces acting.

You pretty much validated my opening statement "Randomness is just a way to quantify lack of knowledge"

The reason you can't predict is because you don't have enough knowledge or in scientific term, "data" to make a prediction.

In the situation of a roll of a dice roll. You call it random because you are not aware of the formulas and data going on behind the scene.

But theoritically, someone could predict every dice he rolls. You ask how?
If you calculated all the forces acting upon the roll.

The position of the dice in your hand.
The amount of pressure applied on the roll.
The precise angle the pressure is applied on the dice.
the duration of the pressure.
The overall pressure quantified.

force of impact,

The table,
Air resistance
The mass of the dice,
Gravity acting upon the dice.


if someone had the exact data on these forces acting on a dice. they would be able to predict every roll precisely with a 100% certainty.

So by taking out all the variables that effect randomness it's no longer random? Can you do that with everything?
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