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Default Re: Atheists - Randomness is just a way to quantify lack of knowledge

Originally Posted by Jackass18
So by taking out all the variables that effect randomness it's no longer random? Can you do that with everything?

Well those variables do not really "affect", "consists" or "constitutes" randomness because I wholeheartedly believe true randomness does not exist.

Those variables are causes and effects. If you can quantify all the causes and effects, you can disrobe the mystery out of anything.

For example basketball. Can someone make any shot in any variation and situation bearing the human body limitation?

Yes. Its the same principle as dice rolls, as long as you are aware of most of the forces that are in play and can control them. Why not? You can achieve a definite high amount of accuracy if not 100%.

In the case of dice rolls, something like:

1 - You need a smart glove (we have those today), it records pressure applied and where.

2 - Smart dice that can record pressure applied to it, its position, drop speed, roll speed, etc.

2 - Smart table that also records pressure for initial impact.

4 - A high speed camera watching the roll and all of this hooked up to a super computer running generic algorithms, computing all the variable.

You can produce an program through trial and error that can accurately predict every roll of dice in advance.

Plausible? Yes.
Possible? Yes.

If someone came 100 years from the future. This feat would be easy.

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