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Default Re: Atheists - Randomness is just a way to quantify lack of knowledge

Originally Posted by Bladers
Exactly yet the whole view atheists have on the universe is that its random.

Now we move on to QM, but we know so little about it, even the little we know i can assure you there is no trace of true randomness.

I made this thread to point out that when we say random or chance. as in "the universe is random or the universe is based on chance" we are just displaying our lack of knowledge concerning it.
Or we choose to be ignorant of that knowledge to make a system behave like a random event. For all intents and purposes, I would say the dice roll is random. Either by inability to constrain degrees of freedom(knowing all physical details of the dice roll) or by choice(throwing it faster and spinning it harder), it is essentially random to us by the expansion of the constraints of the system. This whole discussion about the "truly random" quality of an event is useless without context within the global constraints of a system.

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