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Default Re: Massive manhunt in L.A. For Christopher Dorner

Originally Posted by CP3MVP
Big Bear basically getting shut down. PD, FBI, sniper teams.
And for nothing really. This guy is three steps ahead of them. Why set your car on fire? So it gets found.

So I'll say he is already back down off the mountain. Had a replacement vehicle ready to go, set the old one on fire and vamoosed down the hill. Probably took at least an hour from the time the fire was spotted to the time the truck was identified.

Seriously, he told them this wouldn't be easy:

Originally Posted by ****ing Ninja dude
You better have all your officers radio/phone muster (code 1) on or off duty every hour, on the hour.
Do not attempt to shadow or conduct any type of ISR on me. I have the inventory listing of all UC vehicles at Piper Tech and the home addresses of any INT analyst at JRIC and detachment locations. My POA is always POI and always true. This will be a war of attrition and a Pyrrhic and Camdean Victory for myself. You may have the resources and manpower but you are reactive and predictable in your op plans and TTP’s. I have the strength and benefits of being unpredictable, unconventional, and unforgiving. Do not waste your time with briefs and tabletops.

Whatever pre-planned responses you have established for a scenario like me, shelve it. Whatever contingency plan you have, shelve it. Whatever tertiary plan you’ve created, shelve it. I am a walking exigent circumstance with no OFF or reset button. JRIC, DOJ, LASD, FBI and other local LE can’t assist and should not involve themselves in a matter that does not concern them. For all other agencies, do not involve yourself in this capture or recovery of me. Look at the big picture of the situation. They (LAPD) created the situation. I will harm no outside agency unless it is a deadly force/IDOL situation.
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