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Default Dwyane Wade = Best Shooting Guard this year?

The guy has been doing great the past few weeks, you can see the explosiveness returning. He's very efficient, much improved defender from last season, and while being the second option has been putting up great numbers.

21\5\5 on 51% shooting, playing a career low in minutes, and least shots taken since his rookie year. Numbers only have been going up, 22\6\5 by the end of the year aren't out of the equation, he always performs better post All-Star Break.

Sure Kobe and Harden are scoring more than him, but they are less efficient, worse defenders this season, and have worst record.

Not to mention Wade is 3-0 against Harden and Kobe this year, while averaging
25.6 PPG 6.7 APG 5.0 RPG 2.3 SPG 1.2 BPG against these two guys. He locked down Kobe Bryant to a 8\25 shooting game with 6 turnovers.

Is Dwyane Wade the BEST shooting guard this year? Or are Kobe or Harden better?
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