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Default Re: Dwyane Wade = Best Shooting Guard this year?

I find it interesting that OP mentioned Wade having a better record, when clearly his teammate in Bron is not only better than any teammate Kobe or Harden has had this year (by a long shot at that), but also is the reigning MVP and regardless of award, the best player in the league.


Wade has been effective. But Kobe and Harden have been better thusfar. A few weeks of vintage play does not erase the performances Wade put up prior to New Years. If he keeps it up for an extended period of time, we can have that discussion. But there's not much about 21/5/5 that yells out "best SG in the league."

Also, unlike Wade, Kobe and Harden are asked to take up the scoring mantle for the team, while defending the opposing team's best guard or prolific player on the perimeter night in and night out. That job typically falls on Lebron in crunch moments, not Wade. Neither is Wade asked to account for the level of offensive output those two players are. So though I won't argue Wade being a better defender than Kobe or Harden at this stage of their careers, there's more insight to be added than his blocks per game and such.

Regardless, this is an overreaction thread. Love Wade's game, but this is clearly overall one of his worst years, while conversely this is one of Kobe's best years in the last 2 or 3 seasons, and clearly Harden's breakout season. A few weeks of good play doesn't really change that.
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