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Default Re: Front runner for MVP right now?

Originally Posted by Nash
Lebron is better at everything, having one of the best seasons, is a playmaker AND scorer while leading his successful team in every aspect of the game in points, assists and rebounds.. doing all of this shooting over 55%. If that's not the most valuable player then I don't know what is.

Having one of the best seasons? Like ever? No.

I don't care what he's better at. His actual play hasn't been overwhelmingly clear. He's a great defender, but his defense hasn't been great this year. Should we put him on the All-Defensive 1st Team this year? He shouldn't even make the 2nd team. Even if he keeps this pace for the rest of the year, he'll make the 1st Team and maybe even win DPOTY if the voters feel there isn't an obvious winner.

He's doing a lot for Miami. But a lot of what he's doing they don't need him to do. He's great and makes things happen, and he has a legitimate argument for MVP. But it won't matter if his actual season play doesn't measure up to his overall game. He's not having one of the great seasons; that's just ridiculous.
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