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Default Re: Front runner for MVP right now?

MJ was the best player in the league from '89 - '98. Both sides of the ball. '89 overachieved with his team. '90 overachieved with his team. Pushing the eventual champion to seven games. '93 voter fatigue, Barkley not near as much of an impact player on defense as Jordan. Coaches called MJ and Hakeem the best defensive players in the league. Then he totally out performed Barkley in the '93 Finals. In '97 Malone had to be the first to openly campaign for the award, more voter fatigue, then once again MJ out performs main competitor on the biggest stage. '98 MVP more than deserved. Arguably the best player in the league, at 35 years old, carrying a two time defending champion sans their 2nd best player for about half the season. Utterly incredible. In all reality, a 7 - 8 time deserved MVP.
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