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Default Re: Front runner for MVP right now?

Originally Posted by Nash
What is this? You just basically gave me some lame reasons while ignoring all of the facts that makes Lebron the Most valuable player. Not even 2nd team all defense? Miami doesn't need him to do some of the things he does? C'mon man, be serious, you can do better.

Lebron is the best in the game and is the leader in points, assists and rebounds for his team. He's as valuable as it gets for a team who's leading the East. Also doing all of this while being more effective than his competition and managing to combine both scoring and playmaking. Durant is doing one thing better which is scoring but he's not even doing it in a more effective way.

I don't know what you're trying to argue. Are you even arguing his level of play this season?

Andrei Kirilenko, Josh Smith, Luol Deng, Paul George, Gerald Wallace, Andre Iguodala, even Shawn Marion...they've been better defenders this season. So what? That's not relevant?

He leads his team in all those what? Garnett should have 7 MVP's then. I think Durant has played better so far, and I don't even like Durant and his phony chippyness and all the unnecessary FT's he gets. Maybe a week or two will go by and I'll take a look again and change my mind. But for most of the season Durant has played better and I haven't changed my mind yet. But to think Lebron is so far ahead is stupid and is a case of loving the artist and not the art. His season is not levels ahead, sorry.
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