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Default Re: [RUMOR]: Al Jefferson to Spurs?

Originally Posted by Artillery
So who's going to defend the pick 'n roll? Duncan? Not at his age. Jefferson's too slow to for that as well. Splitter's one of best bigs in the league at the defending pnr while Duncan's been defending the basket. Advanced stats say that combo has been crazy effective so far. If Duncan's injury was serious, this would have been an acceptable trade but, as is, Jefferson and Duncan would be a bad fit defensively. I do like that tandem from an offensive standpoint though.

You know what, you make a great point. Duncan was never a guy to come out on the pick n' roll tho. Even when he was younger and at PF, he stayed closer to the basket. Even Robinson, playing as the center, would come out farther than Duncan. Now, older and completely playing center, he won't come out. And I guess that could be a problem. It depends on how Leonard defends close to the basket.
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