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Default Re: Dwyane Wade = Best Shooting Guard this year?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
You know what, you're right.

Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA. He should be 1st Team All-NBA. The only reason he isn't is because the coach can't run any kind of offense and isn't more than a high school coach, plus Kobe is nothing but a chucker. We all know that Howard, bad back and all, would be an MVP candidate on any other team. Hell, he's leading the league in rebounds.

Where does he rank in the MVP race? Top 5?

Harden has played better this year...but that's only because Lebron is on the Heat. So let's disregard what's actually happened and judge his season based on what we know could happen. You're 100% right. That's how it should work. Absolutely. It's not retarded at all. Tell me the math thing again. I want to learn. Teach me. Please.

Shut the **** up. Evaluate players or evaluate their season? That's exactly the point I'm making. I think Wade is probably the 2nd best player in the world if he's healthy and not taking a back seat to Lebron. But he's never 100% and he has taken a back seat and thus has not passed Bryant. But please tell me I don't know how to evaluate, when your dumb ass can't bother to recognize where one argument ends and where another begins.

Kobe and Harden are two different conversations. Kobe has earned the presumptive benefit of the doubt, in any case. Kobe has been better than Wade this year. Harden has not.
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