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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Don't get me wrong, he's a winner, but my reasons for sticking by this is that he competes all the time, even when its unnecessary. He's too tough sometimes on his teammates. Everything you said is accurate. But he'd be loved by his teammates more if he turned it down a notch on each of those things. Just a notch, certainly not enough to make him lazy. Thats why he'll be a winner, but leadership is about being persuasive, and the easier route to getting your coworkers to do something, is by being well-liked. Thats why I think he's an asshole. Fish was a perfect example, literally by leading an example. As a result he was a great leader, well-liked, and in the end he was a winner too.

I find it interesting cuz I think of myself as the one of the biggest Kobe critics but I don't think him as being too tough on his teammates esp as compared to MJ and Pippen who constantly yelled at Toni Kukoc to the point of embarrasment back in their days, Compare that to Kobe when he had Smush and Kwame as teammates.
Also, I always see Kobe giving props, high fives to teammates after huge plays in crucial situations, something I hardly saw MJ and Pippen did.
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