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Default Re: Dwyane Wade = Best Shooting Guard this year?

Originally Posted by plowking
Give me Wade over Harden. Even statistically its insanely close. Harden's been even more inconsistent than Wade this year, so that's not an excuse.

Even in Kobe's case. People ignore his poor play since LA fans blame it all on the teammates, and believe it or not, that subconsciously sticks in peoples minds even if they don't believe it at the time.
Want the proof? Wade has 6 games shooting less than 40% this season. Kobe has double that. People have just made more of Wade's failures, where as Kobe's teammates have been berated by LA fans. Its hilarious really.

Give me Wade over both anyway. Just because hes taking less shots, and playing a different role, doesn't mean hes declined. People seemed to give Manu the credit for being the 3rd best at one time even though there were SG's putting up better stats. Similar thing is happening in Wade's case.
Exactly. If Wade had the green light, all his 6/15 games would've turned into Kobe's 10/24 games. He would've scored at least 8 more points in those games and bumped him up in the scoring average to like 24-26 PPG. He'd be shooting 48% instead of 51%, but probably lose a few more games. I guess people much rather see that.
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