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Default Michael Jordan WON a championship by himself. Many are just Ignorant about it on ISH

Biggest F'ing Joke. MJ couldn't win a ring without Pippen.

Fact 1: 1991 NBA Champions, BULLS had only one a.k.a. Single All-star in their whole roster. His name was a SG called Michael Jeffery Jordan. rest were still 1987 -1991 "Jordanaires" (incl. Pippen)

Fact 2:In 1991, Scottie Pippen was NOT even good enough to secure all-star 2nd team spot. let alone becoming all-star starter from the East in 1991.

Fact 3:Pippen matured in 1992 season into an all-star starter & a legit threat as a complete player at both ends of the court. BUT. MJ has already won a ring by then. so pressure is off Scottie completely so he blossomed.

Fact 4: How did MJ won a ring by himself? He averaged 11.4 Asists after scoring 31.2 Pts & 6.6 Rebs[/u]

1991 NBA Finals. Besides Guarding Magic, Pippen had ZERO responsibility offensively. MJ dished out all the assists while taking over the clutch every single game & also making key steals.

Pippen was just not good enough yet in 1991. Many here FAIL to understand this very logic here.

Pippen became The Great Scottie Pippen from 1992 season NOT 1991.

& this is how MJ revolutionized the game forever. He did what bigger, taller Clyde in 1989 Finals. couldn't do as perimeter player despite having an all-star terry porter

Backcourt perimeter player like Magic needed 2 HOF all-stars to win titles.

Backcourt perimeter player like Bird needed 2 HOF all-stars to win titles

Michael Jordan is the only "BACKCOURT PERIMETER" player in the NBA History to win a title by himself WITHOUT any help as a lone all-star on a bulls roster.... Hence the GOAT title forever.

This feat has NEVER been repeated even to this day. that incl. LBJ etc etc

Faaking Kobe as a lone all-star on LAL roster cound'nt even make it to POs.or if he did, lost the series being up 3-1

Even though Dirk won as lone MAVs all-star in 2011 BUT he is a 7-footer playing forward in a weak era with rules in his favor.

Lone perimeter backcourt all-star will never do it again despite rules favoring him in today's era.


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