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Default Re: Michael Jordan WON a championship by himself. Many are just Ignorant about it on ISH

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
Live wit it bro.

Jordan didnt won anytihng wihtout Pippen is a joke. funny thing is, even Barkley says that on TNT & TBS & other interviews.

Pippen was already 25 yrs old in 1991. He still failed to make to all-star reserves list. He's being a pro since 1987.

By going by ISHers logic here, MJ should've lost 1991 NBA Finals & win the next year in 1992 as Pippen becomes a perfect combo to MJ.

Nice Try

Barkley Never Said What You Say About Pippen. Bull. He Actually Said Jordan Was Lucky to Play With Pippen in His Prime, as Well as Grant and Rodman!. Jordan had 2 All Stars Back Him Up In Their Primes and His Prime His Whole Career.

Pippen Became an All Star in 1990 In Case You Forgot and He Helped Jordan Win a Ring by Guarding Drexler and Magic the Best. out of those 1st Two Rings.

He Was the Best Defender in the Bulls by Far and The Best Perimeter Defender in the League.

He Had More Responsabilities than Jordan because He Was the Point-Forward Under a Trinagle that Diminished His Stats. He Had To Do More Stuff than Just Score. Create and Be the Best Defender in the Team is Something That Usually is Given to 2 Different Players, Yet Pippen Had No Problem With That and Did Both Jobs at a Great Level ( Not to Mention, Rebound, Score, Team Defend etc)

He Had To Create (Something Jordan finally Accepted since Phil Was Trying to Make Jordan Understand This and Finally It Happened), Be the 2nd Lead Scorer, Be The 2nd Lead Rebounder, Be The Best Defender, Be The Best Team Defender and Play as a Teamate More than a Star.

Pippen`s 1991 Stats while Being the Best Individual Defender For Those Play-Offs and Finals (Defensive Rating Agrees): 20.8 PPG (45.3% FG), 9.4 RPG, 6.6 APG, 2.4 SPG and 1.0 BPG.

If Those are Not All Star Level Stats Then What Are?
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