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Default Re: Michael Jordan WON a championship by himself. Many are just Ignorant about it on ISH

Originally Posted by Round Mound
Pippen Became an All Star in 1990 In Case You Forgot and He Helped Jordan Win a Ring by Guarding Drexler and Magic the Best. out of those 1st Two Rings.

Jordan guarded Drexler the majority of the time in the '92 Finals, not Pippen.

He Was the Best Defender in the Bulls by Far and The Best Perimeter Defender in the League.

Not prior to Jordan's retirement he wasn't. Jordan was the best defender on the early 90's Bulls.

Create and Be the Best Defender in the Team is Something That Usually is Given to 2 Different Players, Yet Pippen Had No Problem With That and Did Both Jobs at a Great Level ( Not to Mention, Rebound, Score, Team Defend etc)

That's funny, because Jordan was a better creator than Pippen and a better defender. And he rebounded at an elite level for a guard. And was an all-time level scorer.
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