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Default Re: Michael Jordan WON a championship by himself. Many are just Ignorant about it on ISH

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
Pippen learning curve as many think is not constantly UPWARDS in reality.

1990 all star reserve...shows promise of becoming a very good SUPPORT player.
1991. regressed !
1992. all-star STARTER. coming of age. Becomes top 5 NBA players.
1993. regressed STATs wise regular season.
1994. Best season STATs & MVP voting & DPOY voting
1995. Regressed AGAIN stats. Poor leadership. Bulls a .500 team MJ CAME BACK & everything is forgotten.
... Scottie Pippen actually increased in PPG, RPG, and APG from 90' to 91' so he actually did not "regress". I love how you just say 'regressed" instead of actually adding substance to your statement. Here's a crazy thought. How about you actually value a player based on his impact and effectiveness on the court instead of a reserve spot in a meaningless game in February. And no, just because you don't make that all star game doesn't mean you're as good as Horrace Grant. You can't possibly be this stupid.
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