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Default Re: Dwyane Wade = Best Shooting Guard this year?

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
I'm pretty sure the All NBA teams will sort out who's the best shooting guard this year. (Hint it won't be Wade) 20,5,5 is the best shooting guard in the league yeah right

It's 21/5/5 on 51% shooting with 1 blk and 1.5 stls in 34 minutes while taking 15.5 shots. Once again, if you think Wade has declined from superstar status, you don't understand math.

For his role, I don't know what else you can ask from him. I have only two criticisms: FT shooting and consistency, as he continues to work his knee back to 100%. But, as long as he maintains his all-around game and keeps his FG% and efficiency high, he's basically maxing out the production that anyone could provide given that number of touches.

Think it's easy for an instinctive #1 to compress his efficiency and maintain commensurate production in a secondary role? Remember what happened when LeBron tried to do it in the 2011 Finals?

(Food for thought: LeBron is a better alpha than Wade (by less than you would think, though), but LeBron can ONLY be an alpha. But, Wade can be an alpha or a beta. LeBron can only do his job, but Wade can do James's job or his own (his current job) So who is more valuable?)

...Oh, and the All-NBA teams sorting out the best players? Awards that are voting-based? Did you really just type that?
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