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Default Re: Teams are sick of the Warriors antics

Originally Posted by SacJB Shady
The Warriors look like they are falling. I'm starting to get a little frantic, meanwhile teams are getting tired of our antics. They are turning into poor sports, outside of their core four. Don't even get me started, They just lost on tuesday in houston against James Harden and then yesterday against K Martin. In fact K Martin said that Draymond Greens all about trash talk.

I really wish our team wouldn't slack off. Tomorrow, we face Zach Randolph. our team's given up twenty three threes, it leads me to believe that guys like D Lee's lost, it's like he's a quitter, while Andrew Bogut just dropped the C Bomb on his twitter.

Right now I'm on my lab top just screaming my a$s off because Denver is killing Chicago. Conversely the only thing keeping me sane is the Lakers losing the Boston game, without Rajon Rondo.

my man.
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