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Default Re: would you talk trash to kobe/MJ if you played against them in NBA?

But like Lebron said: "I let my game do the talking"... nothing makes a player more butthurt after the guy you trashtalked to says nothing and just gives you that "r u serious look" and torches the crap out of you after you trashtalked to him entire game... Jordan was exactly like that towards trashtalkers, make a shot and then stare at you directly every time, the look would say a thousand words, very intimidating/embarrassing,.... especially when you are in the bench and your teammates just look at you and shake their heads thinking "why did you poke the bear"

I do like only Larry Bird style trashtalking, he would be like: "I am gona hit four threes in a row now from that exact spot, watch me... there is nothing you will be able to do about it" and then he goes and does it.... you will indeed get under anyones skin that way... because not only does your game do the talking, but you also look like Nostradamus... :)

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