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Default Re: Rubio being selected for Rising Star draft shows how much of a joke it is

Originally Posted by GoldMedallist
I am European (Spanish) and euro-fans does not hate rubio. But we can see how he plays, and we really hopes for Calderon's health until we found a better replacement for Spanish National Team.

We watched him play since he was 15, ahd the fact is the kid was incredibly promising (at the age of 16). His game did not improve at all, pretty much the same level, which was pretty impressive when he was a child, but not now.

I prefer Calderon over him, even Victor Sada (much less talented, but stronger and very smart, he would do well in NBA). Maybe with an specific trainer he could improve, Calderon was a terrible shooter when he came to NBA, but I don't have much hope on that.

Yes. I'm exaggerated when I said people in Europe hate Rubio. It's just that they know he is over rated. He was shown signs of promise like in 2010 and last year but then he digresses.

I think players should be picked on their merits not on how many commercials they have. I feel the same about Irving. I don't feel like a player on the 4th worse team on the league should be an all-star.
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