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Default Re: Shabazz Muhammad is a scumbag

I'm weary of making a snap judgment on a player's entire persona based on one singularly apparent action. I truly do believe it's possible for a player to be upset about not getting the ball (even though his team won) and still not be a scumbag. If he really was upset, then it can serve as a good learning point and we could move on from this.

Personally, I think I have a history of being a great team player 99% of the time. But I still had moments growing up when I had issues. In 8th grade, I once got upset after being pulled during a monster blowout in our favor. Then, my senior year, I had a teammate go off for 35 in a huge upset victory. Instead of being happy about the win, I was actually kind of upset by the insane amount of isolation plays my coach called for our hot player. I realized both of those incidents were poor judgment on my part, but they weren't good representations of who I really was.

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
Do these people in the crowd have to pay for tickets? Why would anybody besides the families of the players and some other students go there? I donīt get this strange attachment American Alumnis have for their Alma Mater. Itīs not even that you get your education for free in most cases like in many parts of the world.
I used to get free tickets at the gate a few years ago at Michigan games. Now they're going for $70 at the cheapest (since they're one of the top teams in country).

Anyhow, I think people would pay for college games for the same reason people pay from professional squads. It's a big entertainment system. People are large fans of NBA teams and they go pay to see them play. In the college's case, the bond between fan and team is often more intimate. Fans often attended a particular school or grew up in the same region as that school. More than anything else though, it's just like the NBA in the respect that there's tradition, fans, and followings, so people pay to watch. College games can meet or exceed the excitement and entertainment of NBA games in many instances.
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