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Default Re: Rubio being selected for Rising Star draft shows how much of a joke it is

Originally Posted by gabepizza
I think it speaks to a bigger problem of the league itself. I understand the NBA is a star driven league and I have no problem with that. Although I would prefer more team ball I understand that stars sell more tickets and jerseys. What I do have a problem with is the NBA creating "stars" before they are actually stars. It's not just the rising star game or the all-star game. The worst point is once these "stars" are acknowledged they get better calls and treatment from the refs/more playing time from coaches. I think it is unfair for Rubio to get this treatment over say Valanciunas or Butler.

It just so happens that the two most undeserving players in the rising star/all-star game, Rubio and Irving, just so happen to have mega sponsorships and national commercials from giant corporations. Coincidence?

I want stars to be creating by their own play and merits, not souless greedy, corporations who want to sell sneakers and jerseys.

This is basketball not American Idol.

Those same two players also happened to play better than any player in last years rising stars game. Coincidence?

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