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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by DKLaker
You know what also bothers me about 'Antoni......his demeanor, his body language. If the Lakers are behind he looks so down and defeated, almost like he's going to cry. A coach should NEVER show that to a team, a coach has to show a strong confident demeanor at all times, show he is engaged, keep the team calm and give the strategy/adjustments, make them believe that you believe they can come back and me, this works in a huge way.....well, provided the coach knows how to make adjustments.
Look at how Adelman handled being down 29 to the Lakers as an example, they almost came back to win.

"show he is engaged"

You mean like Phil Jackson always did?

hahahahahaha hahahahahahahah

Good one, DK!! You're a funny guy!!!
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