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Default Re: Javale McGee breaking out this year

It's allowed not aloud lol.

Trying to edit my posts and look over them before I post because my spelling skills for a 21 year old is downright laughable

The elephant in the room is McGee's asthma. Given his fatigue issues in DC i seriously doubt he is capable of playing 30 minutes a game in the thin air.

I agree with this and mentioned it when Denver was looking to sign him. I think it would have had to be done discussed and looked at before they signed him so I'm going to assume it's all good because Uri has actually done a solid job building this team.

McGee is soft, dumb and has asthma. I remember (before the trade) an anonomous GM was quoted as saying that he couldn't wait to see what GM would be dumb enough to offer McGee 10+ million.

He's also like the longest player in the NBA, 7 footer, freak physical tools. Two sides to every coin and if you know how to use the one side properly there's no doubt he can be an impact player. He has already at times for Denver, just like he's been a bonehead at other times too.

Over on the Wizards board on RealGM there were several Wizards fans who were against the trade at the time. However there is not one poster there who is saying they wished McGee was resigned. Not one

The only argument that has been made against the trade this year was that it would have been better to let McGee walk rather than take on Nene's contract. Nobody wishes McGee was still a wizard

And nobody wishes Nene was a Nugget. Point is moot. Alot of Nuggets fans don't mind the signing of McGee, doesn't mean it automatically makes it a good move. Just like Wizard fans not wanting McGee doesn't make it a bad one. If I was Wiz fan I'd feel 100% the same. You guy's had so many knuckleheads I would love to have a player like Nene.

I think it was a good thing for both McGee and the Wizards that he was traded. Rare situation where both sides probably happily parted ways.
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