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Default Re: Javale McGee breaking out this year

Originally Posted by tontoz
Not really. His length is freakish but the NBA is physical inside and he is just soft. That was the tipping point for me with McGee. Being dumb is one thing, maybe he can learn. But soft and dumb isn't going to work.

I was undecided about him until a few weeks before the deadline. Then i watched him more closely. Saw him give up layups time and again on pick and rolls and get pushed around routinely by other bigs.

He is a tease.

I don't see how anybody can say not really to the physical tools. Just doesn't make sense to me. He's 7 feet tall with an insane wingspan and vertical. He gets eye level to the rim when he dunks. He's mobile and can move around like a swingman. He has bad defensive awareness but never heard any Nugget fans or anybody around the team call him soft. If anything I wish he'd stop committing some of those blatant fouls.

We'll have to agree to disagree because besides having a low basketball IQ he's a physical specimen that knows how to use his tools quite well. 2nd or 3rd in the league in dunks I think while playing 19 minutes is insane. Blocking 2 shots a game in under 20 minutes, crazy. He uses it perfectly in the post, just doesn't have the patience or awareness to know when and how to use it just yet.

Denver constantly switches on defense and it drives me nuts but with McGee it can work because some of the times when he actually makes a proper rotation I've never seen a player be able to get that far out and affect a player's shot. Last night he had a block where he came from the paint to the 3 point line .. some of the things he does just blows you're mind. It's all about consistently and putting it together for extended stretches which alot of NBA players struggle with. Karl is trying to hold him accountable and bring him along slowly so someday he can hopefully reach some of that potential, guess we'll see what happens 2-4 years from now.
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