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Default Re: Is LeBron the greatest athlete of all time?


7-1 1/16th w/o shoes
7-8 wingspan
9-7" standing reach
11.5" hand spread
9.5" hand width

*4.6 40 in barefeet @ 290lbs
*Convinced a HOF pro football coach he'd be the greatest football reciever of ALL TIME
*Ali stated after scouting Wilt practicing, that he'd be a tougher opponent and more skilled than Joe Fazier in the boxing ring
*Worked out with Arnold, and even Arnold was in awe about his raw strength
*2 time big-eight NCAA high jumper, jumped 6-7.75 in the pre fosbury high-jump era - also was elite at the HS level in the 440, long jump, and in the NCAA also competed in triple jump
*Professional Volleyball player
*Owns the NBA record book to this day. Nobody touches his records even 50 years later, how many sports have had athletes with records for that long, let alone the NUMBER of records he has? He was so damn dominant at the sport of basketball people to this day desperately search for excuses to explain his achievements.

Lebron also has the "multi-sport gifted athleticism" thing going for him. And has an insane body that is rarified in sports. Lebron actually is on par with Wilt in many things, perhaps even exceeding him in a few by small margins. But Lebron is miles behind Wilt in terms of two very important categories.
Size, and strength.

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