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Default Re: Watching Heat/Clippers tonight, reminded me of something.

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
Funny that you say that, tikay0. I was just thinking about how this Heat team would play under the old rules / era where physicality and handchecking was LEGAL.

NY, Indy, Portland, Utah ... Who wouldn't wanna watch those old Bulls teams lay into these "champions"
LeBron would have to become a strict post player. If there is hand check, he doesn't have the quickness or foot speed to be a face up off the dribble type of player. At least not as he's been since 2010. He'd morph into an actual PF. That's for starters.

No more flops, Wade and even sometimes Bron would look like dramatically different players. I'd also like to see their intensity to drive, when players like Lambier, Rodman, Oakley, Mason, McDaniel and equally brawny sized guys have nothing to loose and are willing to lay you out if you come to the rim.

That would be the true measure of heart, right there. You get one physical play to creep into a star's head and it is psychological warfare making people think twice about driving.
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