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Default Re: Watching Heat/Clippers tonight, reminded me of something.

Originally Posted by tikay0
Just his cry baby mentality. He just isn't a killer to me. Trust me, I hate Kobetards, and I'm not one, but, even Kobe was a tough dude. He'd straight up fight you, or wouldn't cry like a little girl, when he gets intentionally ****ed with. Guys like MJ, Stockton, list goes on and on.
unless you mean trash talk kobe never fought anyone and clearly his trash talk never affected lebron when they face each other head to head where he's been dominated. You honestly haven't seen kobe cry for calls Even MJ did the same when he would get wacked. This Killer instinct/Alpha on the court is nothing factual/real and only some retarded social trait given by some deluded fans. LeBron has certainly been clutch if you haven't notice and just strictly follow skip bayless over the years. But yes You went from trash talk with kobe and gut checking from *******

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