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Default Re: Watching Heat/Clippers tonight, reminded me of something.

Exactly. MJ had to play through that. Hence, why I would never, ever consider LBJ the G.O.A.T.
That is indeed impressive of MJ.

As for Lebron, I don't think you need to look to the era to know he's not on the level of guys who are even arguable for GOAT. You can just look at how he does against good defenses in the playoffs: Not that well. If he hadn't caught fire against an old and tired Celtics team in games 6 and 7, people would have a much different view of him. His ad-libbed offense and reliance upon rhythm to hit his shots make him much, much less of an offense threat in pressure situations. Half of his points are scored on drives to the rim based on sheer talent that he won't have against the Pacers or Bulls of this season. Never mind the Bad Boys.
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