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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
no DK's world...its all coach's matter yesterday...the team gave a FCUK about being on the court...but well...the coach didnt prep the team....

Howard looked like he didnt wanted to even be on court...ummmm...its coach's fault....why cause he is not being used correctly...

goes on and one and on

Yesterday, I was amused at how John Ireland ranted on how Max Kellerman was inferring that when the Lakers where winning that it was the players lead by Kobe who were actually coaching the team. John almost lost it and called Max full of crap bec he totally blames D'Antoni when they lose and givethe players full credit when they win.
That was exactly my point when DK locks his missiles on the coach when they struggle and totally ignore his contributions when they win.
But to a point, he is right ONLY if the team has 3-4 supertars with a great supporting cast. I like his analogy of handing a key to a driver to drive a well oiled Porche.
The problem is the Porche has some old and/or defective parts, a 39 yr old PG, a center with a bum shoulder, Kobe and Metta shooting like 30% from the perimeter etc.

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