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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Miami is just so much better than UNC. Christ.

This team isn't going anywhere when the starting lineup is 3v5 on offense. Or most nights 2v5. Some nights 1v5, like what is happening right now.

And the post rotation consist of what are essentially two walk-on players and a guy who has been playing basketball for 4 years. One of them starts!


Anyone notice some of Miami's main rotation? They are 5 or 6th year RS seniors. Very soon they will have a 25 year old Kadji, 23 year old Johnson, 23 year old Gamble, and 23 year old Scott.

That lineup is older than the Rockets
Damn, I knew they were old, but didn't realize they were that old. How the hell is Kadji still in college at 25 years old? Meanwhile, UNC has four freshmen and four sophomores in their rotation, two of which are essentially walk-on caliber.

It's kind of like BYU when they have a bunch of 22-23 year olds playing for them because they spent two years doing their mission.

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