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Default Re: Should we pursue Greg Oden?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
We need guys that are going to play well into the coaches system. Louis A is not the type of guy that's going to put up easy quick points like Antawn Jamison does. He is strictly a hustle guy and his job is to clean up messes Which is hypothetically Dwight Howard's job.

Greg Oden is the exact opposite of what coach Mike wants. He is a slow it down post up center and his job is also to play some hard-core defense. Factor in that he's way more injury prone than Andrew Bynum was And is absolutely a 0% guarantee that he would even play at all if we did sign him.
who cares what mike wants. oden won't be ready this season and mike might not be in lala land much longer. it's not my money, so sure, i'd take a gamble on him with a team option for the 3rd year.
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