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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

I'll ask this again, even though he's really old, what do people think about Kadji as an NBA player?

He has an interesting game. Very athletic, can shoot the 3 well, great off the dribble, plays big... Still kind of reminds me of Channing Frye with more of a dribble game. Too bad he's older than Kevin Durant. I would still take a risk drafting him.

And because this continues to keep me awake at nights... Up until the Miami game, the UNC starting lineup efficiency in ACC action:

.................................................. .........Minutes.......Off Eff...Def Eff....Net Eff.
Paige-Strick-Bullock-McAdoo-Hubert.............67. 7.........77.6......84.3.......-6.7

Obviously it's going to be worse after this game since that starting lineup got outscored by 18 in the first few minutes of each half. Then what ever happened inbetween, which wasn't good either.

If you are wondering, higher offensive efficiency the better. Lower on defense the better. I'd say about 100 is "average" for offense. Maybe mid 90s for defense is "average".

I mean how bad off an offensive unit do you have to be to be playing such good defense and still have a negative net efficiency?

Also the other numbers which I didn't post continue to prove that Strickland and Paige SHOULD NOT be on the floor at the same time. NEVER. Paige with two shooters is fine. Strickland at PG with two shooters is even better. Together the team is in the freaking negatives!

I'm exhausted thinking about it because Roy isn't going to change the lineup. But that's not going to stop me from harping over this.

His decision to give Paige the starting position after seeing a few practices was a huge mistake. Dex starting would split minutes between those two (a good thing) at PG and open up the wing minutes for PJ (a great thing). Now we have a log jam at the position where our two best players reside. Of course both can't start because Roy isn't benching Dex.. And the most important position on team has a guy not ready for the physical aspect of the college game.

I realize the latter portion of this post came off as jibber jabber and I don't give a ****. I'm fed up with this team and the handling of it.

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